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Writing an AD paper for a class and I'm looking for a quote that I remember reading ages ago from one of the cast members, about how the show only existed to sell soda and ads, and that they were hoping to be able to sell enough soda to stay on another season. Something to that effect. Anyone know the whole quote?

edit: Never mind, found it. If anyone's interested:
"This is a business," says Arnett. "The Coke commercials are not filling the gap between our segments. We are filling in the gap between the Coke commercials."
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Two Cents and Five Questions with Will Arnett

I had a chance to talk to Will recently for, and got the scoop on co-star and comedic foil Keri Russell’s first venture into comedy, Peter Serafiniwicz’s U.S. television debut, and what parts of Steve Wilde Will sees in himself.

TTC: This is really Kerri Russell’s first comedic venture, and she’s said that she feels like she’s just tagging along with you and your cool friends. Is there really a learning curve that she’s dealing with, or is she just being modest?


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Hey guys! Don't forget, Running Wilde, the new show from the brains behind our Bluths, starts tonight on FOX at 9:30 (Eastern time). Join us over at runningwilde_tv for news, discussion, fanworks, and more, and bring your friends! The more the merrier to help cheer on what is sure to a hilarious new show.